Saturday, January 12, 2013

Welcome To Groove Hammer.

Slated for release Jan 22
Adam Fletcher
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     Groove Hammer is a music blog dedicated to keeping you up to date with new releases, the latest band info, and touring schedules.  My musical tastes are far to eclectic and my attention span far too short for the blog to be exclusive to a particular genre, so Groove Hammer will cover punk/pop-punk, metal, stoner rock (a lot of stoner rock), hip hop, alt-country, psychobilly, and whatever else tickles my fancy. Hell, if Bobby Darin rose from the dead and released an album, I'd review it. So, check it out and have a look around. I hope you enjoy Groove Hammer and find it informative.

     Walk Easy,
     Mantis Von Presley.         

Neil Fallon of Clutch.